Real Help for Real People #40for40

For nearly 40 years, NAM has been providing real help to real people. Through oil busts and hurricanes, global pandemics and winter freezes, economic downturns and individual storms of life, NAM is here…because of you. Your generous support allows NAM to fulfill its mission: meeting basic human needs through neighbors helping neighbors.

Housing is one of the most basic needs, yet many of our neighbors are struggling to keep their homes while others are facing eviction right now


The demand for our housing programs is exploding.  We are receiving around 1,000 applications per month for short-tem assistance, but we are only able to accept approximately 150 each month.  We will continue providing this critical assistance as long as funds and resources are available to do so.  

That's why we are featuring stories this week about how NAM is housing families.  It's part of our 40th Anniversary Campaign to raise much needed funds as the demand for NAM is exploding.

So, whether it’s a family in need of safe housing, a mom desperate to feed her kids, a relationship erupting in violence, or a senior battling loneliness, NAM is ready to serve with your blessing and your support.

NAM needs your help to continue housing real families in Houston. To honor NAM's 40th anniversary, our #40for40 campaign is hoping to raise at least $40 from supporters like you.

Many have nowhere to turn but to NAM and we cannot continue without your help. Please bless NAM and our neighbors in need, with your $40 contribution now. If not NAM then who?

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