Housing Houston Families

Home. It’s more than a place to escape the elements. Homes provides stability, safety, and rest; a place to raise our children, make memories, and so much more.

Unfortunately, for hundreds of neighbors, that basic necessity was in jeopardy this year. 

People are struggling in the face of higher costs all around.  Rents are skyrocketing, people are falling behind on housing payments, and far too many families are facing eviction right now as you read this.

Housing Families

Many of our neighbors have nowhere else to turn but to NAM.  We are seeing applications by the thousands our rental assistance program.  This program provides short-term assistance to approximately 300 randomly selected households per month, helping them get caught up on rent, avoid eviction, and prevent the landslide of problems and trauma that result from a family losing a home.

“There are still people in need, even if NAM can only help them for one month, it’s a huge relief.”
-Karen Weakly

Another program provides permanent supportive housing to neighbors with disabilities or ongoing needs. NAM pays all housing costs for these neighbors—25 families and 25 individuals. This follows the “Housing First” model, recognizing that having a safe home prevents a multitude of other issues.

NAM needs your help to continue housing families. To honor NAM's 40th anniversary, our #40for40 campaign is hoping to raise at least $40 from supporters like you.

Many have nowhere to turn but to NAM and we cannot continue without your help. Please bless NAM and our neighbors in need, with your #40for40 contribution now. If not NAM then who?

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