We rely on supporters to help us continue to provide service and hope to our community. For every dollar donated, between .85 and .90 cents goes directly to NAM to support it’s programs and services.

Northwest Assistance Ministries is a nonprofit, community-based, multi-program social service agency that strives to supply basic human needs through neighbors helping neighbors. The organization was formed by 10 Covenant Congregations who agreed to set aside their theological differences and pool their resources in a manner to better serve community needs. Today, NAM is supported by more than 40 congregations, 25 Service Partner organizations and more than 150 business Community Partners. NAM has served north and northwest Harris County since 1983 and currently has approximately 100 employees and 2,400 volunteers.

Visit our Terms of Service page to review how we process your donation and protect your information.

NAM is grateful for donations of every size.  Please note, donations above $100 will receive a formal acknowledgement letter.  If you wish to change your acknowledgement settings, please contact Erica Inocencio at [email protected] or 281-885-4610.

Thank you for helping NAM,

The Community Needs NAM and NAM Needs You!