The Real Story of Michelle #40for40

Michelle has been a graphic designer for 25 years. When she and her husband separated, she thought she could work from home. But with a 2-year-old, that was challenging. She found a job, but the work disappeared when the pandemic hit. “Nobody was hiring marketing people during COVID,” Michelle says. 

Unemployment benefits kept her afloat until June. Then in August, she found out she was pregnant—a miracle since she had gone through three rounds of IVF to have her first daughter. At age 46 her pregnancy is considered high risk, and she has restrictions on how much she can lift.


She has applied for hundreds of jobs, with no success. Michelle received rental assistance from NAM, for which she is grateful. But as with so many in our community, there is no clear resolution to her story yet. She is still figuring it out one day at a time. “All I want to do is work and take care of my daughter,” she says. “It’s tough, it’s really tough.”

NAM needs your help to continue housing real people like Michelle. To honor NAM's 40th anniversary, our #40for40 campaign is hoping to raise at least $40 from supporters like you.

Many have nowhere to turn but to NAM and we cannot continue without your help. Please bless NAM and our neighbors in need, with your $40 contribution now. If not NAM then who?

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    commented on 5. The Real Story of Michelle 2024-01-06 06:09:24 -0600
    I thank god for NAM
    Being independent all of my life and abled body human until February 18,2018
    I was a leader at my former church Evangelism and Christian Outreach Ministry where on the 4th Saturday of the month we would come out into the church parking lot and set up a tent, fire up the cooker and have Sunday service outside and after service we would feed the community and minister.
    Offering Christ to those who wanted to get to know him
    It wasn’t forced it was free will to anyone who wanted to take a moment and allow us to share a few things about
    Talking about
    God brings me
    I was working at United healthcare during the morning and in the afternoon I was preparing taxes. February 18th 2018th
    I was working on my clients taxes when all of a sudden I began to have a major headache and my coworkers tried to get me to let them call 911
    I said no just let me sit here for a while and I decided I would go ahead and drive home
    It was near 5 in the afternoon and I was in 5 o’clock traffic and in Houston
    The traffic at that time is bumper to bumper.
    I drove from 2600 South loop West too 45 and Tidwell
    God opened up a path for me to get off the freeway and I pulled into a shopping strip and
    called my daughter.
    I was able to lay over in the car until she got to me.
    She rushed me home and once I got upstairs my son n law and my granddaughter samyah held my hand and kept me calm until the medic arrived they immediately rushed me to the hospital the ER doctor saw that I was in destress and he immediately ordered a
    MRI and he saw that I was having a major stroke and he was a godly doctor and he saw
    I was afraid.
    He told the medical team to rush me into
    OR Stat.
    I asked him if I was going to die he asked me if I was a believer and I replied yes and he prayed with me. alone with my family, pastor and first lady before I knew it
    I was out of surgery and sitting up in the recovery room with my family and the doctor began to ask me questions.
    He told my family y’all are looking at a miracle.
    The major stroke she had, she is not supposed to be sitting up remembering anything.
    God’s grace and mercy kept her alive.
    He said she is paralyzed on her left side and she will need to go to a rehabilitation center for awhile but
    God she is alive. God is so good.
    Thank you
    God for
    Northwest Ministries.
    Thank the entire team that kept me from getting evicted
    I’m forever grateful and I plan on getting back into doing what
    God kept me alive to do and that is be a servant and speak of his goodness
    Northwest Ministries.
    I want to become a volunteer and work with disabled individuals
    Letting them know that they are not alone and they are special people and
    God has Ministries that can help them.
    Y’all have truly blessed me and I want to repay you by serving in any area that my skills can be used to serve.
    To God be the Glory.
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