NAM Needs Peanut Butter - UPDATE

Peanut butter and jelly are two of the most requested items in the Joanne Watford Nutrition Center. From time to time we run low on these popular food staples.

A little over a month ago, NAM asked the community for help restocking our shelves with peanut butter. The community answered in big ways. We can now say that our peanut butter shortage is over!

Thanks to several congregations including John Wesley UMC who made a PB&J Drive a part of their 50th Anniversary Celebration and multiple small business like Tanoholics Anonymous, hundreds of jars of peanut butter were donated over the past few weeks.

Our most generous peanut butter benefactor is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The Bishop's Storehouse donated 40 cases of peanut butter in July with another 240 cases on the way. This is an amazing answer to our call for help.

Thank you to everyone who stepped up and answered the call to donate peanut butter. We never had an empty shelf and every family that received food assistance from NAM received their peanut butter.

This is a great example of how the Northwest Assistance Ministries business model that was created nearly 40 years ago still works today!.