The Real Story of Tabitha #40for40


This story is real but all names are changed to protect client privacy 


This is the story of Tabitha, a single mom like so many of us.  Tabitha called the Family Violence Center hotline with a harrowing tale of escape. She had left her boyfriend’s home after another beating, taking only her child. While on the run, she learned that she was pregnant. She moved to another town, but the boyfriend found her—and held her hostage for nearly four months.

In the midst of the pandemic she escaped again, this time to a family member’s home in Houston. They all knew it was only a matter of time before he found her there, too. Exhausted, scared, and with no money and nowhere to turn, she called NAM's Family Violence Center.

Domestic violence shelters were full due to the social distancing requirements of COVID-19. But our FVC was part of a temporary program called Safe Haven. Created during the pandemic, Safe Haven helps individuals stay in a local, undisclosed location when shelter beds cannot be found.

Through that program, Tabitha finally had a safe place to rest. With the help of her FVC advocate, Tabitha began working on a plan for her new life. The first step was to find safe, independent housing, then look for a job.

Tabitha and her child have now moved into their new home, and she is working toward completing her high school education. She knows there is still a long road ahead. But raising her children in a home free of violence makes all the difference, and Tabitha intends to make the most of the opportunity she has been given.

NAM needs your help to continue protecting the vulnerable like Isabel. To honor NAM's 40th anniversary and support our Family Violence Center, our #40for40 campaign is hoping to raise at least $40 from supporters like you.

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