NAM's Pediatric Health Center Seeing A Decline in Pediatric Covid19

At the height of the Delta surge in summer 2021, NAM’s Pediatric Health Center had children test positive for covid19 every week.  The NAM Pediatric Center has covid19 testing kits, and are able to test any pediatric client visiting the clinic, with results provided to the NAM clinic and their clients within 24 - 48 hours. 

“In 3 months, we had more clients test positive at the Pediatric Health Clinic than for all of last year, which fits the national trend. Last year 3% of all covid19 cases were children. This year, it's at 27% - so we are experiencing what the nation is experiencing,” said Karen Luther, Director of NAM’s Pediatric Health Center. 

Thankfully in the last 3 weeks, the Pediatric Health Center is seeing a decline in pediatric clients testing positive for covid19. 

“Hopefully we are turning a corner here,” said Karen. “It looks like what we are seeing here at the NAM PHC is consistent with what's happening in Texas - that pediatric positive cases and hospitalizations are coming down.”

NAM’s Pediatric Health Center never closed, and remained open for children to receive medical care and treatment referrals. Throughout the pandemic, the Pediatric Health Center providers talked to parents about precautions against covid19.

“We stress masks, when our children come in for either a well child check or sick visit,” said Karen. 

The Pediatric Health Center also encourages parents to get the covid19 vaccine, and recommends the vaccine to parents for their children who are 12 and older.

“We are giving parents resources, such as information from the CDC or the American Academy for Pediatrics, so they know about credible information that is peer-reviewed,” said Karen. “Our providers are doing their due diligence with helping our patients to understand the importance of vaccines in general, and that this vaccine is just as important as the vaccine against smallpox, rubella and polio.” 

Appointments at NAM’s Pediatric Health Center can be made by calling (281) 885-4630 .

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