NAM Launches 2023 SOS Campaign

NAM Launches 2023 Survival Over Summer Campaign

Northwest Assistance Ministries launched the 2023 SOS Campaign in June. For years, NAM has used the SOS campaign to ask the community for donations of food, money and volunteer time for NAM's "Survival Over Summer".

Summer traditionally brings hotter temperatures and higher demand for food and basic needs assistance. "We see a nearly 50% increase is demand for assistance during the summer when the kids are home and are not able to receive the free breakfast and lunch at school", says Brian Carr, NAM Chief Advancement Officer.


Summer can be a difficult time for area residents, especially those families that are still working to recover from the economic fallout caused by the pandemic. The break from school means families have extra childcare expenses and limited access to meals at schools.

Seniors also have more to deal with during the summer months with higher than normal utility bills that often force those seniors on fixed incomes to choose between buying food and running their air conditioning.

The SOS Campaign askes friends of NAM to make extra donations of certain foods for the Joanne Watford Nutrition Center along with Financial Donations and donations of their Volunteer Time.

To make a donation on line:

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