NAM Blessings Tree

At NAM, we are grateful for every donation that is given to provide basic human needs: whether you are a first time donor or have given holiday blessings for several years, each toy or bag of toys donated allows us to bless that child with holiday blessings. 

The pandemic created distance between us all, and brought changes to how we do things at NAM. To help create a sense of connection with families receiving holiday blessings, NAM began using the concept of a Blessing Tree: a tree decorated with NAM’s colors and tags of children registered to receive toys. The tag has both the child’s name and age, allowing those donating the toys to shop for a personalized gift for that child. 

5000 children are registered to receive toys in 2021. Dozens of those children have their name displayed on our Blessings Tree, ready to be picked by anyone visiting NAM. 

If you are looking for a more personal way to give back this holiday season, please visit NAM and pick a name tag - or several - to donate toys. Toy donors last year often shopped with their own children of similar ages, allowing their child to pick the toys, while learning the joy that can be found in being generous. Other groups come in and pick multiple tags from the Blessings Tree, shopping together as a fun group project experience. 

Whether you are a group or an individual, or can take multiple tags or one - we hope you can consider blessing a child with gifts this holiday season. NAM welcomes you to our office so you can pick a tag for yourself. 

Thank you to all who have donated toys so far this year! We look forward to seeing the creative and thoughtful gifts from our future toy donors. These children need your generosity to help them have a joyful holiday. Please stop by NAM and choose a child to bless with toys today! 

For more information on how you can bless your neighbors in need, visit our Season of Blessings page. 




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