The Office of Dan Crenshaw Volunteer at NAM

On Tuesday, March 16, the employees from the Houston offices of Dan Crenshaw, the representative for the people of Texas's Second Congressional District in the House, came to volunteer at NAM.

They were touched and impressed with NAM after touring the building and learning more about our programs and services. Once the tour was complete they went to NAM's food pantry, the Joanne Watford Nutrition Center.  There was a brief training on what the food pantry's needs were and once that was done, they jumped right in eager to serve. They spent the afternoon stocking shelves with food and preparing bags of groceries to be taken out to clients.

We would like to thank the men and women from Dan Crenshaw's office for taking time from their busy schedules to volunteer at NAM so that we can better serve the community. NAM values all of our volunteers - the ones who come in every day to the ones who can only volunteer a few times a year - we treasure every single one of you. We would not be able to help those in need without our volunteers. Thank you to each and every one of you for your service!

If you would like to volunteer at NAM, click here to download the Volunteer Application or email [email protected] for more information. You can also visit our Volunteer page on our website to learn more.