Women of NAM

March 8 is International Women's Day and it is meant to celebrate all the achievements of women across the world-- all the contributions they've made to social, economic, cultural, and political advancements. NAM would like to take this day to reflect on all of the exceptional achievements of the women who have helped to establish the organization and those who continue its work.

In 1984, NAM’s first Director, Rosemary Hornsby was hired. She took part in helping with NAM’s first expansion. During Hornsby’s first year as Director, NAM served over 3,000 families, which was 3 times as many as the year before.

After Hornsby retired in 1985, Diana Van Duzer was hired to be NAM’s second Director. Under her leadership, NAM went from 14 congregations up to 25. Two Social Service Supervisors, Jody Jorgensen and Mary Ann Greco were also hired during Van Duzer’s direction.

In 1987, Van Duzer resigned and Anais Watsky became NAM’s third director. NAM grew to 27 congregations and 300 volunteers. The Sixty Plus Senior Center (renamed the Young at Heart Senior Center) was founded and NAM’s first Jobs Program Supervisor, Lois Crowley, was hired.

Under Watsky’s supervision, NAM moved to a new facility in 1990 and the Family Violence Center was established. Barbara Oetggen, M.D., became the medical director of the Children’s Clinic (now called the Pediatric Health Center) in 1994.

After Watsky resigned, Carole Little became NAM’s first Executive Director, March 2001. Little helped make NAM’s Harrell Family Opportunity Center a reality and its congregations grew to 49.

Today, we celebrate these women and the women who currently carry a leadership role at NAM and are on NAM’s Board of Trustees. Through their hard work and dedication, NAM is able to carry out its mission and give help and hope to anyone who is in need.