Thank You for Your Support During the Holidays

2020 was a year like no other. The global crisis that swept through our nation, our neighborhoods, and our homes brought a lot of hardships along with it. The coronavirus brought high unemployment rates, businesses closing, food insecurity, eviction notices, rising hospitalizations, and death.

Despite the overwhelming obstacles of 2020, NAM continued to do what it has always done: provide help and hope through Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

As NAM was preparing for the 2020 holiday season, we knew there was going to be a greater need for food and toys. However, we did not anticipate the mass amount of families who would reach out to NAM for help.

In October 2020, NAM opened up registration for its Season of Blessings for families needing food and toys for the holidays. Within 24-hours over 1,800 families signed-up for food and 5,600 children needed gifts. NAM had never seen anything like it before.

Even though there was anxiety and nervousness about whether we could get enough food and toys for these families, NAM also knew they could not say “no” to any of them. NAM worked tirelessly from October – December to make it happen.

Through the generosity of donations of food, toys, and money from our congregations, companies, organizations, and individual donors, NAM was able to provide over 600 Thanksgiving meals and over 1,800 holidays meals to families in need; and collected 17,500 toys for over 5,600 children so they would have gifts to open for the holidays.

Volunteers also played a very vital part during NAM’s Season of Blessings. They came out in masses to help sort food and toys, and lovingly assisted with distributing it all to the families who waited in the long lines at NAM.

Thank you to everyone for giving so selflessly of your time, your energy, and your financial resources to help our neighbors in need and giving them hope during the holiday season.