Summer is a great time to volunteer at NAM!

This year, NAM is seeing yet another dramatic increase in clients - an increase that was only matched by 2020 job and wage loss due to covid19. 

NAM has also resumed daily Meals on Wheels hot meal delivery, with nearly 900 of seniors in our service area now happy to connect with a friendly face on a daily basis. 

With hundreds of clients looking to NAM to receive basic human needs, many more helping hands are appreciated! Even during times of relative normalcy, NAM relies on the dedication of many volunteers. NAM could not serve our neighbors without the generosity of those willing to give their time in service of their community. 

Nancy and Dennis are two volunteers who are giving their time for the first time in 2022. Previously they volunteered at their local hospital, but with covid changing so much, they were happy to learn of the opportunity to volunteer at NAM through their church, Christ the Good Shepherd.

"We deliver to about to about 20 Meals on Wheels clients on Wednesdays, and we do Fridays at the food pantry," said Nancy "some of the people receiving the food cry, and most of them are just so happy to get a load of groceries. My husband has also seen people express feelings of overwhelming gratitude when they receive food."

Another volunteer Becky, shared how the child of one client expressed excitement at receiving food. "As I was loading the car, the little girl exclaimed 'Food! I've been hungry for three days.' It broke my heart."

These volunteers continue to provide our neighbors with the basic needs, seeing first-hand how their work makes an impact. Whether it be a Meals on Wheels delivery, sorting NAM Resale Donations, or handing food through a car window to a client - each action and every helping hand is making a difference for those who are seeking assistance.

Who can volunteer at NAM? 

The summer is a great opportunity for students to complete service hours ahead of schedule and before the end of the school year! Many students from the Klein, Aldine, and other surrounding school districts are already regular volunteers. Summer youth groups are also welcome. The Road Missionaries from Faithbridge are regular Meals on Wheels volunteers, delivering meals once a week for the duration of the summer. We have also been blessed to welcome John Wesley vacation bible school, and Shine Catholic Missions. The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints

National Charity League and Legacy League members continue to be one of our most dedicated sources of volunteers, serving in Meals on Wheels, the food pantry, and NAM Resale on a weekly basis. 

Corporate groups seeking days of service have also served at NAM, providing support with various projects and the daily tasks of organizing inventory. 

In addition to these groups, there are many individuals who come daily or weekly to work in our food pantry, Meals on Wheels, and NAM Resale - the places where we have the most critical need for volunteers right now. 

Families, youth groups, corporate groups, and individuals are all welcome at NAM! This summer, NAM is seeing at 35% increase in first time assistance applicants. We need your help to be able to serve them all. 

Can you join our dedicated team of groups and individuals who give their time in services of our neighbors? 

Start your volunteer journey with us at the link today!

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.