Real Help For Real People

Do you ever wonder where your donation to NAM goes? Does your gift make a difference?


Last year NAM served over 122,000 real people. These were families struggling to keep a home and food for their children. Over 40% of NAM's service area is considered a food desert. 1 in 3 children deal with hunger and food scarcity on a regular basis. Thanks to your support NAM's Joanne Watford Nutrition Center distributes food to 50-60 families a day. Over 900 meals are delivered to home bound seniors through our Meals on Wheels program that you support.

The 3 zip codes nearest NAM's office are a hot spot for evictions since the pandemic. Thanks to you, NAM assists more than 100 families every month with rent and mortgage assistance to prevent homelessness. NAM supports more than 100 families through our housing program. Your support makes this possible.

Every week more than 100 seniors enjoy social, educational and physical fitness activities along with a nutritious meal through NAM's Young at Heart program that you support. Dozens of victims of domestic abuse our helped by the team from NAM's Family Violence Center. These dedicated staff and volunteers also answer over 400 calls per month, through our 24 hour domestic abuse hotline.

Thanks to your support, hundreds of clients are counseled through NAM's Behavioral Health and Veterans Services. Hundreds of adults are changing their lives forever by enrolling in Adult Education and Vocational Training classes at NAM that will provide certification and training that will help them earn a true livable wage.

We think your support makes a world of a difference. Just ask any of the 122,000 neighbors you helped last year.

Please continue to support NAM and our programs and services.



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