One Year of Supporting Veterans at NAM

June marks one year since NAM established the Veteran Services program, stepping up to meet a need expressed by many clients. 

“About half of our clients have mental health concerns that are combat-related, and also impairs their lives as far as employability,” said Bri, Manager of Housing Services. “They have challenges maintaining employment due to medical and mental health issues.”

These challenges are why NAM is here: to fill in the gaps, and be a part of the support system that will help those who served and sacrificed find their way to live fulfilling lives as citizens. 

“Their needs are not traditional,” said Bri, “ Many of our clients are homeowners and also need assistance maintaining their houses, along with transportation issues.”

Through NAM’s Veteran Services, veterans are linked to our Behavioral Health Services, rental assistance, food assistance and more. Since the program’s beginning, approximately 60 clients have been served. Clients include former service members, couples, surviving spouses, and dependents of veterans.

“Many have alot of gratitude for the length of time we are able to assist, and the amount that we are able to assist,” says Tajana, the NAM Veterans Coordinator. Tajana is also an Air Force Veteran. “They are really grateful that we are here to help prevent them from being homeless. Some of them come to us in crisis, and we help these veterans get through that.”

NAM’s Veterans services will continue to be a  lifeline for the veterans in our community.  Visit the website to learn how you or a loved one can apply.



Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.