NAM Taking Healthy Living to the Community

Northwest Assistance Ministries’ Pediatric Health Center has committed to assisting the families living in our community by promoting healthy lifestyles. The program grew out of the belief that healthy eating, staying physically active, managing stress, and ensuring a child receives an adequate amount of sleep all contribute to growth and development.

NAM's Pediatric Health Center has partnered with local apartment complexes in creating the HEAL Apartment Program, used to address social determinants of health through training and apartment events. The goal of the Healthy Family Movement is to empower and educate family residents by providing education on subjects pertaining to overall health and wellness. There are currently 13 apartment complexes and 18 property managers in the community that are fully trained. 

The program offers various topics and monthly educational sessions that would include:
• Blood Pressure
• Diabetes
• Emotional Health
• Finances
• Healthy Cooking/ Healthy Eating
• Medical Self-Care
• Men’s Health
• Parenting
• Physical Activity
• Stress Management
• Health Insurance
• Weight Management
• Women’s Health
• Work/Life Balance

The Pediatric Health Center is currently looking for properties in the community to promote healthy lifestyles through events and training. For more information, please contact Justun Holder, the Community-Centered Home Outreach Coordinator, at (281) 885-4651 or [email protected].


NAM is partnering with CHRISTUS Healthy Living Mobile Clinics in offering free Immunization for children between the ages of 2 years old and 18 years old. Your child is eligible if they have Medicaid, are under-insured, or currently do not have insurance.

College Meningitis vaccines will be available to students 19 years old or older with a $20.00 donation to CHRISTUS. Immunizations will take place at the Harrell Family Opportunity Center, which is located behind NAM’s main building on August 12, 2021. Flu Shots will take place in the same location on September 9, 2021, and October 7, 2021.

All children MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Bring original shot records. 


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