NAM Raises Money for Endowment Fund with Mattress Mack

On March 28th, NAM held the latest NAM Endowment Fund Luncheon and Conversation with Mattress Mack. Jim McIngvale, known as Mattress Mack, joined Fox 26 Anchor Melissa Wilson on stage for a candid interview. Jim shared his thoughts on the Astros, selling furniture for over 40 years, serving the community and the work of Northwest Assistance Ministries. "We are darn lucky to have NAM serving our community", said a  boisterous Mattress Mack.

The event drew over 250 of NAM's generous supporters and raised a record $60,000 for the NAM Endowment Fund.

To view the video oj Melissa and Jim's conversation, follow this link:

Since its modest inception in 2001, the NAM Endowment Fund has grown to over $3.3 million.  Since its first distribution of $2,000 to NAM in 2003, the Fund has distributed more than $1.1 million to NAM.  For the past several years the annual distribution to NAM has been on the order of $100,000.  The 2021 NEF distribution to NAM will be more than $190,000.

The original objective of the NEF was to increase the financial security of NAM and endeavor to cover NAM’s annual building maintenance costs through distributions.  The $100,000 annual distributions paid out in recent years has achieved that initial goal.  As the Endowment Fund grows and its annual distributions to NAM increase, thereby covering a greater share of NAM’s overhead expenses, a larger share of donors’ gifts go directly to funding NAM’s programs serving our neighbors in need.

Through generous historical giving and projected future giving, the NAM Endowment Fund will continue its objective of providing increased financial security to NAM and a growing, sustainable source of funds to offset a significant portion of NAM’s operating expenses.

Contributions to NAM’s endowment fund can be made as one-time gifts, planned gifts (gifts made on a regular basis), and/or inclusion of NAM’s Endowment Fund in estate plans. If you are interested in making a planned gift to NAM or NAM’s Endowment Fund, please contact Brian Carr at 281-885-4605.

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