NAM Partnership with ABC Home and Commercial Services

NAM and ABC Home & Commercial Services Revive Long-Standing Partnership

For several decades, ABC Home & Commercial Services (formerly ABC Pest Control) has been dedicated to giving to the local community and for many years was heavily involved with NAM’s Jeans & Jewels as a sponsor for the events that contribute to a large portion of NAM’s funding each year.

ABC moved beyond local charity when, after a visit to an earthquake-ravaged Haiti with industry colleagues, ABC President and CEO, Raleigh Jenkins was inspired to found A Child's Hope. A Child's Hope is a non-profit organization committed to giving lost, orphaned, and abandoned children in Haiti a family and a future by taking them in and raising them in a loving environment.

Raleigh dedicated the majority of his philanthropical efforts over next ten years to building A Child's Hope. Although still very much a part of the organization he founded, he has recently directed his attention back to the local community and is looking forward to being actively involved with NAM again.

Last month, Raleigh's daughter, Tiffani Johnson, who works alongside him, as well as her mother and siblings at ABC, took a tour of NAM and recalled memories of walking through the food pantry as a child. “I have lots of memories working at NAM, mostly in the food pantry stocking shelves with my mom,” Johnson said. “We also worked with Meals on Wheels…lots of great moments with friends and family serving families in Houston.”

ABC plans to reacquaint with Jeans & Jewels as sponsors and serve as volunteers for Meals on Wheels, delivering pest control packs along with meals. ABC is also looking forward to supporting NAM's Learning and Vocational Training Center by providing educational opportunities.

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