NAM June 2022 Food Give-Away

On Saturday, June 18, the free food give-away took place at NAM. This food distribution was needed because of the elevated demand from neighbors who are experiencing the impact of the global food price increase

“We learned about the food distribution yesterday,” said one client who is in a homeless situation, and who took the bus, then walked a long distance with carts to carry the food. “It's my first time at a food distribution, because I really need the help.” 

This client arrived at NAM around 6:30 am, and said the line was formed all the way from NAM to FM 1960 by that early time. Despite waiting several hours, they expressed gratitude for the food they received. “We appreciate all the things that they do for the community, and we are so thankful to all who work at the food distribution.” 

With temperatures forecasted to reach near 100 degrees on Saturday, NAM needed as many helping hands as possible, to distribute the food quickly. Thankfully, over 30 volunteers - individuals and groups - braved the heat and gave their time to ensure our neighbors received the food they needed. 

We are grateful to the following groups for giving their time at the June 18, 2022 Food Distribution: 

  • Rotary Champions
  • NCL Yellow Rose, NCL Champions, and NCL Cypress Creek
  • Ismaili CIVIC
  • Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Girl Scout Troop District 106314. For many of the little girls of this troop, volunteering at NAM was their very first experience volunteering. We are so grateful they chose NAM as a place to help in their community! 


Nearly 600 families received groceries that included fresh produce and bread, and other grocery staples. Many of the cars that came to NAM had two or more families per vehicle, as they carpooled to conserve gas due to the high gas prices. 

“I thank NAM because they are good people, and I thank God for them,” said one of these 600 families. “ I was looking at my cabinet and it was ok, but its not what its supposed to be to feed my family. NAM is such a great help to the community!” 



NAM is planning another large food distribution in September, 2022. Should area families need food, NAM's Joanne Watford Nutrition Center is open Monday - Friday to help those seeking food assistance.

Thanks to the generous donors that support the programs and services at NAM that impact thousands of lives. Even though we receive much needed donations of food every day, it is the generous funders and donors that make events like this food give-away possible.

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