NAM Hires Eujene Cunningham to Lead Veteran Services

Northwest Assistance Ministries is offering Veteran Services for all veterans needing
assistance in Harris County. Eujene Cunningham, the Veterans Coordinator, will be happy to assist any
client interested in obtaining the various services offered within the program.

Eujene has an extensive background in Social Work and Case Management- working for various agencies
that helped Cunningham to gain experience working with veterans in different capacities. Eujene also
mentioned a passion for helping others and enjoys the opportunity to work for a non-profit like NAM.
Cunningham plans to be a resource to provide proper services to the veterans in the community depending
on the needs of each client.

The Veterans Services program offers:
● Rental Assistance
● Utilities Assistance
● Transportation
● Food
● Clothing
● Furniture
● Assistive Technology

While being enrolled in the program for 3-6 months, Veterans have the opportunity to receive an
individualized service plan to meet goals, find gainful employment, educational resources,
mental health services, and any other assistance as needed. Veterans must be Honorably Discharged and
have Proof of Hardship.

If interested in the Veterans Services program at NAM, please contact Eujene Cunningham at
(281) 885-2301 or by email at [email protected]. An application and consent form will be
provided for completion. Once the proper documentation is received, the case will go through a review
process to determine the correct services for the client.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.