July was another month of increased numbers in requests for assistance.

Many are our neighbors who are working full-time jobs, but experiencing the impact of the global inflationary economy. The increased prices on energy, fuel and food are creating the need for assistance from those who before were able to be completely self-sustaining.

The inflationary economy is also adding an increased distress on those who were already struggling to make ends meet due to unemployment and other hardships. 

What are the ways that NAM is seeing a marked increase in the need for assistance in July 2022?  

  • There were days where we saw 100 families receive groceries from our food pantry.  

  • We are seeing around 70 families a day at the food pantry. 

  • Over 700 applications for rental assistance were received on our website in the past month. 

  • We are seeing an increase of clients who have never been to NAM before, with over 35% of individuals coming to NAM this summer receiving help for the first time. 

  • The google search words “help with rent” and “need help paying rent” that lead people to the NAM website increased 97% compared to this month in 2021 

How is NAM able to meet this increased need? 

Our mission statement includes the words “neighbors helping neighbors.” It is in the spirit of these words that we are able to find the resources necessary to answer these calls for assistance: with the help we receive from the individuals and organizations who donate financially, along with those who give their time in service to their community.  

We are grateful to those who continue to give, even during these difficult times.

To join the generosity of your neighbors, a financial contribution of any amount is both greatly needed and appreciated. 

We are also in great need of food and toiletries donations. 

To learn how you can join our efforts to assist our neighbors in need, view our “Survival Over Summer” page. 

Survival Over Summer

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.