March 2022 Food Distribution Feeds Hundreds

On March 22, NAM hosted the first food distribution and sidewalk sale of 2022. People arrived as early as 5:30 am that morning, to ensure they were among the first to receive food for themselves and their families. 

Though the cold and wind chill plunged temperatures to the low 30s , dozens of individuals still participated: from high school students to elderly volunteers, they arrived ready to serve the fresh produce and other grocery staples provided by the Houston Food Bank, Common Market, and out of NAM’s own food pantry. 

“I would like to thank everyone who helped purchase this food,” said one client. “I have grandchildren that I am helping out today, and their parents don’t have cars to be here. God bless everyone helping out here today.”

The first 200 families in line also received blanket and quilts provided by the congregations of the Interfaith Quilting Bee.

Another client was also there on behalf of their neighbors who needed help with food. 

“Today I’m helping out some people that I know - a widow who does not have a car, and a mother with young children,” said the client. “ There’s no way that they could have been here to get food. With the price increases on everything, they really need help with the food. So I told them I would come down here and see what I could do for them.”

The willingness to help their family and friends, even when facing difficulties of their own, indicates how NAM’s work of neighbors helping neighbors reverberates in our communities. 

The sidewalk sale also drew many shoppers to the Harrell Family Opportunity Center, as people shopped the large inventory of clearance priced furniture, housewares and more. NAM ensures that all inventory at NAM Resale are in good condition, so that our customers receive a great bargain on gently used but excellent quality items. 

“I’m so grateful that NAM is out here giving food, especially at this time where the price of everything is so high,” said another client. “I’m unemployed right now, and having a difficult time qualifying for food assistance, so it's a tremendous help that you are having this food drive. I'm grateful to all who are serving us in this cold weather!” 

The food distribution served approximately 800 families. By providing these basic needs, all who contribute to NAM are helping us build strong families in our communities. 

NAM is incredibly grateful to all the volunteers who donated their time to ensure our neighbors received the food they needed. 

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