JWNC Receives New Renovations

In Summer 2022, the NAM Joanne Watford Nutrition Center received renovations, to accommodate the increase of clients and needed volunteers.  New shelves were added, brighter colors painted on the walls and the concrete flooring polished to give the food pantry a fresher look.

Volunteers will now have more room to navigate as they prepare bags with groceries, re-stock shelves with food and lining up full grocery carts to load client cars with food. There are plans to refurbish the freezer as well. 

Printed photos of NAM’s clients, volunteers and fresh produce will be added as the finishing touches.  

Throughout the renovations, our regular volunteers - in addition to volunteer groups - served as critical help in completing the work, as they boxed up and moved shelved food, along with maintaining organization of all inventory,

Since NAM’s establishment, the Watford Family has been an incredible supporter of all that NAM does in support of our mission of neighbors helping neighbors. The Center is named in honor of Joanne Watford, who passed away in 2012. 

These renovations were only made possible due to generous funding from the Watford Family Foundation. We are incredibly grateful for all that the Watford family does for NAM! 



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