If Not NAM ... Then Who?

Even with the city slowly re-opening and vaccinations being made available, there are still many people in our community struggling to put food on the table or keep a roof over their heads. Throughout these difficult times NAM has continued to provide food, rental assistance, healthcare, serve seniors, and assist families in crisis. Since 1983, NAM has always been here to extend a hand and help those in need during times of trouble. The community needs NAM and NAM needs you...because if NAM isn’t here to help, then who will?

So far NAM has helped...

• NAM has served 85,642 people
• 27,586 people received food
• 394 individuals received rental/ mortgage assistance
• 7,614 Family Violence Hotline calls answered
• 900 seniors received weekly meal packs
• 1,700 families received holiday meals
• 6,500 children received holiday toys

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