I Need Space: Unhealthy Relationships and Boundaries

This month is known as Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and actually, today marks the first day of what is known as Respect Week! And this year's theme is “Be the Change Week: Impact and Empower”!

In honor of Respect Week, NAM's Family Violence Center has created videos for each day of the week to share some thoughts and information about different topics pertaining to Teen Dating Violence.

Today’s topic is about unhealthy relationships.

We are starting the week with this topic because there is such stigma and a lack of dialogue around unhealthy and abusive relationships. But this month is all about shattering the silence.

Talking about unhealthy relationships can be uncomfortable at times. It’s easier to assume that they just don't happen. As a consequence, so many easily fall into unhealthy relationships because we simply just don’t know any better. And the reality is, this happens to way too many of us. In fact, 1 in 3 teens report being in an unhealthy relationship by the time they graduate high school.

Please watch and share the video below to get the conversation about teen dating violence started among yourselves, with each other, around your school hallways, and within your communities. And ultimately - challenge YOU to be the change!

Thank you for your continuous support. We really cannot bring about change without you! If you would like more information about teen dating violence, or our Prevention Education programs please contact our
Violence Prevention Educator, Marina Montemayor at [email protected] or our Community Outreach Specialist, Cynthia Butler at [email protected].

If you or someone you know is suffering from domestic violence or abuse, please call NAM's 24 hour Family Violence Center hotline number at 281-885-HOPE (4673).