Food Donations URGENTLY NEEDED at NAM's Joanne Watford Nutrition Center in Fall 2022

"Its my first time receiving food this year.”

“By the time I pay my rent, I’m almost out of money - so receiving this food is everything.”

"After rent and other bills are paid, I can't afford food because the food prices are sky-high."

These are some of the reasons neighbors are coming to NAM for food. 

Even though life has returned to normal and many of us no longer feel the economic impacts of the pandemic - still many of our neighbors are struggling to recover. 

The global prices of food and fuel continues to fluctuate, along with rent increasing nationwide. For those living paycheck to paycheck, the rising price of living requires that they seek help, many of them for the first time. 

Our food pantry has not seen a slowdown in the number of clients. An average of 70 families come through each day. On one day this past week, we served a record amount - with over 100 families coming to NAM in need of grocery assistance. 

How are we able to continue serving this many families? 

Financial contributions help us purchase food in bulk, at heavily discounted prices. To keep up with the daily demand, donations of food from our community help us immediately replace our depleted food storage supplies. Many of these donations go directly into the hands of clients soon after being unloaded from donors cars.

We are grateful to those who have answered our calls for donations.

To continue meeting the consistent need for food, we are in need of your help to keep our shelves stocked for our clients. 

Here are some ways people have organized food drives in their communities:


  • Youth groups shopping and gathering groceries for a service project
  • Local businesses asking their employees to contribute a few extra food items at their place of business
  • Near-by churches and congregations calling on their members to contribute towards a special collection
  • Gyms hosting special classes, with a few cans of food the cost of participation
  • Individuals acting on their own and gathering food from their friends and family


We are grateful for each and every food donation, no matter the size! 

If you have any questions about hosting a food drive, email [email protected]

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