Car and Vehicle Donations

Can I donate a car or other vehicle to NAM?


You can donate your car, trailer, or boat to NAM through our relationship with V-DAC (Vehicle Donation to any Charity). The vehicle does not have to be in running condition. V-DAC will assign your vehicle to a local auto auction company that will pick up your vehicle and sell it at auction. The proceeds from the auction will go to NAM, and V-DAC will send you a tax receipt for the sales amount.

To schedule your vehicle pickup, call 1-877-999-8322 or click here. Remember to tell them that you want the proceeds to go to NAM.

Some vehicles are donated to clients for their use in going to and from work, family transportation, etc. Such items must be in good working condition. To make a vehicle donation to a client, call Debbie Peterson at (281) 885-4526 or Karen Weakly at (281) 885-4575.

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