August is National Make a Will Month

August is National Make-A-Will Month. For many NAM supporters, this yearly reminder is just the motivation they need to finally sit down and create their last will and testament. And once they do, many find the process isn’t as long or tedious as they anticipated.

Financial and legal professionals all agree -all adults should have a will — it’s a powerful document that lets you distribute your property and protect your loved ones after you pass away. One-third of all American adults have a will, and that number is growing every day. Sadly, that still means that two-thirds of adults do not have a will.

With a will, you can plan ahead for those who are in your care — for example, you can name a legal guardian for your minor children and choose who should care for your pets.

The logistical benefits of having a will are important. But above all else, having a will creates peace of mind for you and the people you love. Creating a will helps prevent family conflict, eliminates confusion, and ensures your assets go to the people you most want to have them. It also gives your family guidance and reassurance that they can fulfill your wishes during what is likely a very difficult time for them.

Having a will in place helps you leave a legacy. There are many different ways you can use your will to benefit Northwest Assistance Ministries — you can give cash, stock, real estate property, and more. Leaving a gift for NAM or the NAM Endowment Fund in your will costs you nothing during your lifetime, but will ensure that you can make a positive impact on NAM's future for years to come.

We invite and encourage you to make a planned gift to NAM’s Endowment Fund and thereby become a member of the Endowment Fund’s distinguished Legacy Society.  The Endowment Fund’s Legacy Society honors all planned giving donors for their support of NAM’s mission and recognizes future gifts needed to ensure a continuing source of funds to meet tomorrow’s challenge of providing quality programs and services.  Joining the Legacy Society can be a visible means of demonstrating your support for NAM and NAM’s Endowment Fund while encouraging friends, peers, and colleagues to also make commitments to NAM’s long-term future in support of our neighbors in need. 

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.