"Enough Is Enough": Thoughts from NAM's Sexual Assault Services Supervisor

Thoughts from NAM’s Sexual Assault Services Supervisor, Toria Jones:

 “Enough is enough” says Spring’s own Simone Biles in her powerful testimony.

These wonderful survivors had the task of sharing their stories to the Senate Judiciary Committee, in effort to challenge the system to better protect athletes from abuse.

It is also important to note: not only are these testimonies powerful, but it also shows the strength these of these young women, as they relive their trauma in front of America. It can be stressful, challenging and anxiety-inducing for survivors to go through.

It is important to know this is something survivors have to anticipate every time they make a report. They may not make it all the way to the Senate like these women - but when going through the legal system, there is a fear of having to share their experience countless times, in the hope that some justice is served. 

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