2022 AAUW Awards Luncheon Recognizes NAM

The AAUW North Harris Branch (American Association of University Women) hosted their annual Outstanding Women Awards Luncheon on February 19th, 2022 at Shirley Acres. With 150 people in attendance, NAM was one of several organizations with individuals recognized for the work they do in their communities. 

At the luncheon they also gave out eleven individual scholarships for educators, to support their special projects - in the past, NAM’s Family Violence Center prevention educators have earned their scholarships to support classroom outreach efforts in surrounding school districts. 

Sheryl Johnson, NAM Family Violence Center Director, was one of two women granted the Outstanding Woman in Community Service Award. 

“When I found myself at NAM, nearly 30 years later, I realized I had found a place that recognized the human struggle and offered hope; right in the community where I live,” said Sheryl in her acceptance speech. “I have been blessed to be working for an agency such as Northwest Assistance Ministries that has strong, committed leadership. I also work with an amazing staff of remarkable women, who greet Family Violence Center clients every day, with a smile and a willingness to listen to their struggle and help them discover hope.”

“At the luncheon I also had several individuals approach me to tell me a story of people who reached out to the Family Violence Center and who had received services from us,” said Sheryl. “One individual shared a story of a family member who received help from NAM when they had no one else in Houston to help them - and that individual became a NAM supporter because of those services given to that family member. So it was lovely to hear those success stories of how NAM has touched the community." 

NAM is grateful to the AAUW for the opportunity to promote NAM’s work at this event, and for the recognition of the work that NAM does in our community to serve our neighbors in need. 



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